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What is DianullForte 44?
Across the globe, there are an estimated 150 million people suffering from Diabetes mellitus (DM). Each of these people is at increased risk of developing a number of complications, each of which are associated with a reduction in quality of life and an increase in individual morbidity and mortality. However, despite these psychosocial implications, as well as the financial burden associated with the management of the disease, existing treatment options are costly, and have limited, palliative effects.

A natural, cost-effective and side-effects free answer to the problems of Diabetes mellitus is DianullForte 44. A panacea for management of Type 2 diabetes and diabetic complications, DianullForte 44 is a unique herbal formulation. Its uniqueness arises from the fact that it is powered by the goodness of SEABUCKTHORN.

What is the composition of DianullForte 44?
DianullForte 44 is formulated using premium extracts of the following ingredients
1. Pterocarpusmarsupium (Vijaysaar)
2. Salaciareticulata (Saptarangi)
3. Gymnemasylvestre (Gudmar)
4. Berberisaristata (Daruharidra)
5. Phyllanthusniruri (Bhuamla)
6. Mucunapruriens (Kaunch)
7. Trigonellafoenum-graecum(Methi)
8. Azadirachtaindica (Neem)
9. Hippophaerhamnoides (Seabuckthorn)

What is the intended use of DianullForte 44?
DianullForte 44 is a natural, side-effect free way of leading life. It is extremely useful for managing Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetic Complications like Retinopathy, Nephropathy and Gangrene.

What are the contraindications of DianullForte 44?
Pregnancy, lactation or atleast two weeks before surgery

What is the dosage of DianullForte 44?
- One tablet twice daily 30 minutes before meals with normal water if the fasting blood sugar level is upto 130 mg/dl.
- Two tablets twice daily 30 minutes before meals with normal water if the fasting blood sugar level is more than 130 mg/dl.

Can DianullForte 44 be taken alongside insulin and allopathic medicines?
Generally, patients using allopathic medicines to control diabetes can start DianullForte 44 simultaneously with 1 tablet twice daily. The patients are requested to kindly monitor their sugar levels regularly. Once the blood glucose levels are under control, the patients can reduce or stop allopathic medicines, in consultation with their physician.

For patients taking insulin, start a simultaneous dose of 2 tablets twice daily for an extended period. Monitor the blood glucose levels and HbA1C. When the blood glucose levels and HbA1C come down, slowly reduce the insulin units under the supervision of the physician.

How does DianullForte44 work?
DianullForte 44 is antihyperglycemic in nature which only lowers blood glucose level when it is actually elevated from normal levels. It is not hypoglycemic and does not lower the blood glucose regardless of the current glucose level in the blood stream. Therefore, DianullForte 44 does not create a situation of hypoglycemia.

Since DianullForte 44 is a natural herbal formulation, it stimulates the pancreas to function effectively in a sustained manner. Therefore, the patients can experience sustainable, long-term and side-effect free management of diabetes through the use of DianullForte 44.

What are the 44 phytochemicals in DianullForte 44?